Metaverse – Reinventing the wheel

Earlier this week, web3 Studios released their ‘Digital Identities Report‘, sharing a variety of opinions and predictions on the future of identity and social interaction in a ‘metaverse’ environment. There is more than fifteen years worth of fascinating sociological research on virtual worlds and digital identity. You would not know that from reading this report.… Continue reading Metaverse – Reinventing the wheel

Ticketing – the model for consumer tokens

I’ve been labelled a ‘Web3 skeptic’. If you’ve read any of my other content here, you’re probably just confused about how I feel. So, let me clarify: Much of the capital that has been poured into Web3, to date, has been wasted. Too many get-rich-quick schemes and half-baked ideas. We need to do better. Specifically… Continue reading Ticketing – the model for consumer tokens

Metaverse – the hunger for digital industry

What is a metaverse? Is it a metaverse, or the Metaverse? Ask most people these questions and they’ll picture ‘Lawnmower Man’ style scenes of people strapped into virtual reality rigs, flying through digital 3D environments.1 That has very little to do with what a metaverse is. The term metaverse simply applies to the digital mirror… Continue reading Metaverse – the hunger for digital industry

Making the case for Web3

The Web3 market seems to move in waves of enthusiasm. A surge of ideas and optimism, followed by a slowdown, and then the cynics and skeptics beat it back. This happened first in fintech, where blockchain cut its teeth on DLT and cryptocurrencies. Decentralisation would sink the banks, smart contracts would make regulation irrelevant, and… Continue reading Making the case for Web3