Deus ex machina

for VC, the success of AI is existential Imagine entering VC in 2020, full of enthusiasm about a wave of technology that felt unstoppable. Your peers are impressed; it’s a prestigious industry that is perceived as commanding a lot of power (and capital). You have to put aside your personal thesis in favour of the… Continue reading Deus ex machina

“Why don’t VCs set marks with 409a valautions?”

This is a question I saw on Reddit’s often-comical /r/venturecapital, which I thought was interesting enough to write out a decent response to. It hits at the root of a few major problems in the asset class which are always worth addressing. A 409A valuation, named after Section 409A of the United States Internal Revenue… Continue reading “Why don’t VCs set marks with 409a valautions?”

Generative AI and the Games Industry

This post looks at applications of generative AI in the context of the games industry, but much of the same logic can be applied elsewhere. Adapting to technological evolution With every new technology revolution – web3 most recently, and now AI – there follows a large herd of true believers. It can do all things,… Continue reading Generative AI and the Games Industry

Metaverse – Reinventing the wheel

Earlier this week, web3 Studios released their ‘Digital Identities Report‘, sharing a variety of opinions and predictions on the future of identity and social interaction in a ‘metaverse’ environment. There is more than fifteen years worth of fascinating sociological research on virtual worlds and digital identity. You would not know that from reading this report.… Continue reading Metaverse – Reinventing the wheel