AI as a Utility

Investors don’t really need to invest in net new companies to get exposure to AI’s potential halo effect; If all your portfolio companies start to integrate with the right existing tools on the market, they could bloom too. It’s the promise of horizontal tech. Natasha Mascarenhas, TechCrunch In a previous post I used the games… Continue reading AI as a Utility

Generative AI and the Games Industry

This post looks at applications of generative AI in the context of the games industry, but much of the same logic can be applied elsewhere. Adapting to technological evolution With every new technology revolution – web3 most recently, and now AI – there follows a large herd of true believers. It can do all things,… Continue reading Generative AI and the Games Industry

The Negligible Cultural Impact of AI

Good art (including novels, games, movies) is defined by the humanity involved. Emotion, humour, tension. Even when AI attempts to mimic those attributes, we’ll still prefer human experiences over synthetic ones. We’re inclined to believe each new innovation is the ‘best’, and that the technology-driven approach is always superior. To overlook almost anything in pursuit… Continue reading The Negligible Cultural Impact of AI