Making the case for Web3

The Web3 market seems to move in waves of enthusiasm. A surge of ideas and optimism, followed by a slowdown, and then the cynics and skeptics beat it back. This happened first in fintech, where blockchain cut its teeth on DLT and cryptocurrencies. Decentralisation would sink the banks, smart contracts would make regulation irrelevant, and… Continue reading Making the case for Web3

NFTs – The Web3 startup investment vehicle

Consider NFT/Web3 projects as startup investments, except the only fundraising mechanism is equity crowdfunding and we’re ALSO the customers. It incentivises piling into the biggest project, as investors, users and advocates, because ‘making money’ beats ‘better ideas’.  Of course in typical startup investment, incentives are better aligned to the point that seeking out smaller, more innovative companies… Continue reading NFTs – The Web3 startup investment vehicle